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When doing ANY of your basketball drills or dribbling, don’t be lazy. You should constantly be thinking about “snapping” the hand down and putting energy into each contact. This snap movement should finish with the hand pointing directly down, fingers towards the floor. Think about your dribbling as if you’re going up to hit a jump shot.

10 Basketball Drills for Guards (Shooting, Dribbling, and Layups)

Suicide Shooting How the Drill Works: A player will run a conditioning suicide with the basketball and must make a free-throw line pull-up shot on each trip down the floor. Purpose: This drill is mainly used for improving level of fitness, but also work on shooting, dribbling, and making shots when fatigued and under pressure. You will need:

30 Basketball Dribbling Drills - For Coaches & Players

1 on 1 Dribbling Drill With Random Traps. Capture The Flag Dribbling. 1 on 1 Grid Drill. 1v1 Control Dribble and Retreat with Reads. Advanced Dribbling Drills. Here are a few challenging drills for players with advanced ballhandling skills... 3 Ball Dribbling. One Hand Pound. Cone Grab Finishing Drill. Tight Spaces Ball Handling Drill. 1v1 Attack With Narrow Cones

Basketball Drills to Improve Shooting, Dribbling, Passing, & More

While most players are familiar with standard drills that involve wrapping the ball around the waist, or dribbling back and forth between two given points, basketball drills provide endless possibilities for improving everything from shooting ability to close-out defense.

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The first trip down the floor has 5 passing to 1. 1 dribbles hard the length of the floor and shoots a layup. 5 grabs the ball out of the net and throws an inbound pass to 1, who has located to the right wing to start the second trip.

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This is a high-level ball handling & shooting workout for serious players. It's from the Attack & Counter Workout App. It was developed by NBA skills trainer Don Kelbick. While there is plenty of dribbling and finishing, this workout puts an emphasis on shooting off the catch, the pull up jump shot, and footwork.

20 Basketball Shooting Drills for Lights-Out Shooting

Off Dribble Form Shooting - Shooting Drill www.basketballforcoaches.com • Bounce the ball at the same time as they step with either foot. • Perform a small hop and gather the basketball in the air. • Land with both feet at the same time and raise up for the shot. Instructions:

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When you attack, start with going over to the right side, take a few steps forward attacking, stop and make a crossover, because when you make a crossover, you are getting your leg out ready to attack. Keep in mind that your last dribble should not be high, but low by the knee. Perform a quick one-two and shoot.