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Cycling to Work - Pros and Cons - YouTube

Dr Colin M. Barron talks about his love and cycling and asks whether it is really practical to cycle to work every day. Read Colin's 1996 article from The (...

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The benefits of cycling to work - LABS

The positive health benefits from cycling are numerous and cycling to work has been proven to improve longevity, heart health, the immune system, quality of sleep and even cognitive health, as well as naturally lifting the mood. Cycling also has mental health benefits, helping you to de-stress, clear the mind and boost your mental well-being.

A Beginner's Guide to Biking to Work - I Love Bicycling

Biking to work (or school, or the coffee shop, or wherever you spend your days) will not only save you money, but it’s way more fun than sitting in your car. A recent study found that bike commuters are overall happier than their driving counterparts. Whether it be the fresh air, the pumping blood, or the euphoric feeling like you’re a superhero saving the environment, it all adds up to a good time.

Cycling to work guide: tips for commuting by bike - BikeRadar

In reality, cycling to work is usually cheaper, more fun and often quicker than other forms of transport. There will be moments when not everything goes as planned, but, like with anything ...

Cycling to work: 10 things you need to know - Healthista

Cycling to work then, is an excellent way to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Think about it this way, a short 15 minute cycle to and from work each day would mean you meet the recommended government guidelines for exercise of 150 minutes a week, without even stepping a foot in the gym or waking up at 5am to run a 5K.

Top tips for commuting to work by bike | Cycling Weekly

If you're commuting to work every day, then you need a bike you can ride through all weathers, and depend upon to be road worthy with minimal maintenance. > Looking for a women's specific bike for...

What to Wear When Cycling to Work [Best Bike Commuter Clothes ...

Cycling to work is a positive lifestyle change which can yield of litany of benefits – not only for your physical and mental health, but for the environment, too. It’s also fun – who would rather be caught in a stationary pile-up on the roads than sweep through the streets with the wind in your hair and endoprhins surging through your body?

What is the Best Bike for Cycling to Work? [VISUAL GUIDE]

If you still need to cycle over 5 miles after leaving the train or your car, you might want to consider an electric folding bike to help make your commute easy. But if you really want to create your own power, a lightweight bike such as a road bike or fixie is also an option. Best Folding Bike for Cycling to Work

13 Tips for Your First Bike Commute | ACTIVE

On your drive into work, have you ever noticed a cyclist commuting to work and admired that person? Maybe, you think, it would be cool to ride a bike to the office? Perhaps it's crossed your mind that bike commuting not only helps the environment and saves gas money, but it can also help you stay fit, healthy and burn a few extra calories.

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Thinking about cycling to work. Hello everyone! I am thinking about cycling to and from work a few days a week. The trip is around an hour and mostly on a bike lane along the coast. I can take the train to work and then cycle on the way home. I was thinking about just doing it on days when I know I will have good weather.