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In volleyball, digging is a form of passing, but not all passes are digs. Digs occur after an opponent serves or spikes the ball. Digs may not always be perfect passes to a teammate, as the goal of a dig is to keep the ball playable and continue the rally, whereas passes prioritize setting up a teammate to score.

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Volleyball Dig Definition: With a very flat hand well-placed under the ball on the floor, the ball will bounce straight up from your hand, as if it contacted the floor. (Aversen)

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What is a dig in volleyball? A dig is a defensive bump that keeps the ball from hitting the floor when it’s sent to your side of the court with an offensive attack, usually a spike. Anyone can and should learn to dig, so keep reading to learn the techniques to improve your digging.

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which all describe what happens in defense in backrow. Digging volleyball spikes and keeping the ball from hitting the court floor is a large part of the job description for liberos, defensive specialists and six rotation players who have to play defense in the back court.

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The volleyball dig can keep your team in the game and is a key skill to develop. When the ball is attacked by your opponent, your job is to keep the ball from hitting the floor. A dig is a pass of a hard-driven ball from the other team. Like a pass, your arm position and platform remain the same.

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According to the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball, the dig is a forearm pass to control the ball in preparation for return. It is usually the team's first touch of the ball after the opposition has put it over the net. After the serve, each team is allowed a maximum of three touches of the ball before returning it over the net.

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Volleyball Digging. Volleyball digging is essential for having a successful defense. The job of a volleyball digger is to prevent the ball from hitting the floor after being spiked by the opposing team. To dig, the volleyball players must anticipate the spike and be prepared to quickly dive in any direction.

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an attacked ball that is received, is a dig. Playing a ball up off a free ball, playing one up off a block, does not constitute a dig. Covering a block is also not a dig (though this is a stat that should be kept, block coverage is important).