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Left Side (Outside) An outside hitter’s primary role is a scorer. They are going to get the majority of the sets (on average), and thus must have a lot of endurance. It is also preferable that the outside be able to pass if they want to get more playing time and also be an asset in the back row, both for hitting and passing.

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Volleyball Positions Outside Hitter: Left side hitters need physical endurance, mental strength and confidence to score against a 1 or two-person block during a match. (Al Case) You learn not to just hit the balls but to develop the fearlessness and emotional toughness to repeatedly be in pressure-filled games and be able to terminate match winning points without hesitation, backing down or being afraid.

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Outside Hitter (also called wing spiker, left side) Outside Hitter is the player who carries the serve receive responsibility along with the libero. Outside hitter most often attacks the balls which setter sets to the antenna to the left side of the court. Therefore after the serve outside hitters place themselves to the left front position.

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An outside hitter is the player who hits and blocks on the front left side of the court. This player is also known as a left side hitter. On offense, this person is usually one of the main passers and a go-to hitter. The outside hitter gets lots of swings at the ball not only because she is a solid hitter, but because the outside is where the ball goes most often when the pass is not perfect.

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Learn how to spike the ball anywhere on the court, such as deep corner, sharp angle, hard line, etc., as an outside hitter, left side attacker, or left wing ...

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It is common for left-handed players to play as an Opposite Hitter in volleyball. He plays at the net on the right side of the court, and his main role is to block the outside hitter of the opposite team, and also, when appropriate, to block the middle player. The opposite is also responsible for passing and setting, so he needs to have great ball handling skills!

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A good left-side hitter knows when to pound the ball (and can do so really well), but they should also know when to use a roll shot or a tip to throw off the other team. Looking for holes in the defense or just to switch things up is always a good idea. A left-side hitter should also be a good passer, both for defense and serve receive.

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The outside and opposite hitters are an essential component to any volleyball team. The outside hitter is sometimes referred to as the “Ace” because of their dependability to get the ball over the net and score. The opposite has the important job of blocking the outside hitter on the other team.