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Shoulders parallel with touchline. Arm angled up, pointing towards non-offending team. 2. Free Kick. Shoulders parallel with touchline. Arm bent square at elbow, upper arm pointing towards non-offending team. 3. Try and Penalty Try. Referee’s back to dead ball line.

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Learn from the signals. Learn from mistakes. Whenever the referee detects a breach of the rules signals are given by the referee to help players and spectators understand which rugby rules have been broken and what mistakes were made. If the referee blows the whistle at the same time it means play must stop.

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Try/Penalty Try - The referee stands on the try line and, facing the team that scored, raises his arm straight above his head while he blows his whistle. His back will be towards the dead ball line. These signals will help you to understand the game of rugby and get excited when some of the great teams are playing.

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Article link: http://www.walesonline.co.uk/sport/rugby/rugby-news/rugby-world-cup-2015-what-10030082So what do the strange hand signals actually signify? One...

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Match Official Signals for the game of rugby union.

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If a referee suspects a player has become concussed, and would like him to get checked, then he calls the medic with a head check signal. NECK ROLL/NECK GRAB This is something quite new that has been creeping into the game.

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Referee's signals. Around the Academy: Try/Penalty try. The referee will clearly raise one arm straight above his head. His back will be towards the dead ball line.

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Award of scrum to team moving forward at time of stoppage. Shoulders parallel with the touch line, arm horizontal pointing towards the team to throw in the ball, then pointing the arm and hand ...