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The word ping pong was derived from a Mandarin Chinese word “ping pang qiu” which means ping pong ball. So, ping pong is the Mandarin Chinese name of table tennis.

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table tennis translate: 乒乓球运动. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Chinese simplified Dictionary.

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It is derived from 'ping pang qiu' in Mandarin Chinese (same pronunciation) which translates literally to “ping pong ball.” In other words, Ping Pong is the correct, Mandarin Chinese name for the sport. If any term should be considered offensive or dismissive, it's table tennis!" Not so fast there, Mr. Hautamaki!

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Table tennis, also known as ping-pong and whiff-whaff, is a sport in which two or four players hit a lightweight ball, also known as the ping-pong ball, back and forth across a table using small rackets. The game takes place on a hard table divided by a net.

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Although its name may sound Chinese, the sport of table tennis (ping pong, Pīngpāng qiú, 乒乓球) did not originate in China; invented as an after-dinner diversion in late-19th century England, it made its way into China through the Western settlements via Japan and Korea only in 1901. Starting in the urban areas, it became popular elsewhere over the years.

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1901: Table tennis is first brought to China via western settlements. 1902: Englishman E.C.Goode is credited with putting pebbled rubber on his wooden blade, allowing him to put more spin on the ball. This is the forerunner of the ordinary pimpled rubber racket, which will dominate table tennis until 1952.

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Headquarters. Beijing, China. Head coach. Liu Guoliang. Website. www.ctta.cn. The China national table tennis team is the national representative team of the People's Republic of China, and was founded in 1952.

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Team. 1. 2004. 2. Jan-Ove Waldner. Jan-Ove Waldner is one of the best table tennis players of all time, not only did he make a name for himself but also the name of table tennis around the world. He was born on October 3, 1965, in Stockholm, Sweden. At a very young age, he was potentially fit for playing sports.