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tennis court造句和"tennis court"的例句: 1. She is as quick as lightning on the tennis court .她在網球場上疾如閃電。 2. Adam whistled cheerfully as he tacked up the wire netting round the tennis court .亞當一面釘網球場周圍的鐵絲網,一面高興地吹口哨。

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5. Basket court ground track field volleyball court tennis court kindergarten playing ground swimming pool side etc. 蓝球场、田径场、排球场、网球场、幼稚园、活动场、游泳池等。 tw.websaru.com. 6. Main market: tennis court, basketball place and comprehensive area that ask for high quality mesh.

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A clay tennis court sits down the hill from the main house. They also added a clay tennis court, squash court and greenhouse. There is a heated spa, clay tennis courts and a pool. Hampton House has six clay TENNIS COURTS and lights for night play. The 10 clay tennis courts had a waiting list.

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tennis court的中文意思:端线…,查阅tennis court的详细中文翻译、发音、用法和例句等。

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The tennis umpire wore an eye-shade . 那网球裁判戴着遮光眼罩。. It's difficult to see tennis in a sentence. 用 tennis 造句挺难的. Sallic and i are going out to play tennis . 莎莎和我去打网球。. This tennis ball has no more bounce . 这个网球已经失去弹力了。. I went swimming when the others played tennis .

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Two of the squash courts at the queen elizabeth stadium are available for hire as table tennis court. the hire charge is 21 per hour per court 起,伊利沙伯体育馆内其中两间壁球室会开放给市民租用作为乒乓球场,收费为每场每小时21元。

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It's difficult to see court in a sentence. 用court造句挺難的; The court will be held again after two weeks .. 法庭休庭兩周后繼續開庭。 She is as quick as lightning on the tennis court. 她在網球場上疾如閃電。 He greatly expedited the business of the court. 他處理了大量的法院事務。

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court造句和例句: 1. He must accept any brief in the courts .他必须接受法院出庭的聘请。 2. His case was brought up before the court .他的案子已送交法庭审理。