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Volleyball Positions, Volleyball Terminology for Court Positions

Weakside Hitter Team's weak side hitters hit from the right side of the court and are usually not the primary attackers on the team. Weakside hitters may also be referred to as weakside blockers. Middle Hitter Team's middle hitters hit balls set at the net in the middle of the court. Middle hitters are sometimes the primary attackers on the team.

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Learn to understand the basics of volleyball court positions - from position 1 to position 6. Rotational six positions of Volleyball. On this page we present volleyball playing positions (libero, outside hitter etc). If you were looking for rotational positions of volleyball (position 4, position 6 etc) and how players should line up, go to "6 ...

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The specialized positions in volleyball are: · Right side hitter, often called offside or weak side hitter, attacks from the 2 position. Called weak because the setter has to backset (set the ball...

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This is also referred to as the right side or weak side hitter. The opposite mainly attacks from the right side of the court. This player is usually taller because blocking is especially important on the right side.

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Opposing hitter (right side hitter) The opposing hitter is also referred to as weak side hitter. The weak side hitter plays on the right side of the court. The weak side hitter usually gets the least amount of sets and is mainly responsible for blocking the opposing strong side attackers.

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The left-side hitter is named because when the three front-court hitters are lined up facing the net, the home position for the left-side hitter is on the left, in position 4. Pretty straight forward, right? I guess because there’s other more complicated concepts to know in volleyball, they like to keep things simple when they can! 9.

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The Left Side Hitter, then as you would probably guess, is the one who plays the left side position of the front row. You may also hear this position called the “outside hitter.” Both left and right hitters may also be called “wing hitters,” “wing spikers,” or “pin hitters” (the pin refers to the small pole that sticks up above ...

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The right-side hitters are also called opposites because they are positioned opposite to the setter. Their primary duty is to assist the setter when called upon. If your setter is not available for some reason, the right-side hitter is expected to take charge and set up the ball. Opposites don’t get set up as often as the left-side hitters.

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The outside hitter is also known as the left-side hitter, wing spiker, or simply an attacker. The outside hitter plays the front left side position on the court and is responsible for scoring points in the game. However, the outside hitter’s responsibilities go far beyond just spiking the volleyball.